Energy bills can be very high which you can easily lower by following some simple tricks and adjusting the way you operate your home appliances. It will only take you a few minutes to check if you are wasting cash on your energy bills and you could save hundreds of pounds every year. You can save further by becoming more efficient with your gas usage. So, follow these tips and get started on saving money on your energy bill today.

Switch Energy Supplier

If in the last three years you have not switched your energy supplier, then there is good chance that you could save money by switching it. You can utilize the comparison site to switch your supplier. Comparing the energy price will ensure you find the cheapest tariff. You can also choose the same supplier for gas and electricity. Getting such dual fuel deal will always cost you less. Switching to the cheapest supplier will definitely let you save money.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Reducing the temperatures of your room even by just 1ºC can reduce your heating bills. So, instead of turning up the heating, put on a jumper. You can also program your heating device to turn off when you are not there.  There are various smart thermostats available today that will let you operate your heating remotely via the internet.

Replace Light Bulbs

Replace all the old bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs. You may have to spend an amount of money initially, but in the long run they will help you cut your energy bills easily. Compared to old-style bulbs an LED light bulb could cut up to £180 from your energy bills. So, when you buy LEDs they will pay for themselves through the energy savings in just a couple of months. Do not forget to switch off lights when not in use and always use a bulb depending on the size of room or the job it will do.

Make Your House Draught Proof

You could save money on your energy bills by stopping heat from escaping through unwanted gaps. So, you can utilize draught proofing strips around the frame of windows, gaps around the edges, and on the bottom of doors. You can also use inflatable pillow to block the chimney or you can fit a cap over the chimney pot. Also consider all the smaller holes such as keyholes and letterboxes that let in air.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replace your old kitchen appliances with new energy efficient ones to cut your electricity bills. You can go through the running costs of the appliances and find out which ones will be the cheapest. Choosing the most energy-efficient models will help you save money annually. Once you have swapped your kitchen appliances you can check out for more ways to cut energy costs.

Get An Energy Monitor

An energy monitor is a handheld gadget that will let you to estimates in real time how much energy you are using and where you can cut back. They are easy to use and some gas and electricity suppliers will give them to you for free.

Pay Your Energy Bill On Time

Paying your energy bills on time is important. You can pay it through direct debit. By spreading your energy costs over the year you can easily avoid your big winter bills. Make sure you regularly check your meter to keep your bill as accurate as possible. If you think you are charged too much by your energy supplier, maintain a monthly meter reading. Any credit balance will be refunded if you ask for it.

Out of all these tricks to save money on your energy bills, if you do even one of them, you will still be better off. Spending a little time to save a lot can be a good investment. So, whether you are planning to improving your insulation, upgrade your boiler and kitchen appliances, install solar panels or other renewable technologies, such investments will pay back in the long run.